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Tastamar by Puignau

Puignau, a wholesale company selling fish in Catalonia since 1954, approached us as they were launching a new brand called Tastamar. They wanted us to help with trendspotting, product development and brand identity. With Tastamar they wanted to explore how they could take advantage of their experience within the restaurant industry to create a new line of business in the growing prepared produce trend, as seen in supermarkets across Europe.


The insights that were made while listening to the company were used in the strategic process of creating an overview of potential customers and other stakeholders. Building on these insights a go-to-market strategy took shape emphasising freshness, short preparation time and sustainability. Tastamar’s fresh fish are now in supermarkets, smart packaging has been designed and their website and visual identity has been created.


Brand design / Naming / Concept design / Brand architecture / Webdesign / Social Media / Packaging / Design Thinking / Co-creation / Focus groups /



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