Flying October Denmark (HQ)
Sdr. Havnegade 7, 1.
6000 Kolding
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Flying October Spain
Pellaires 30-38
08019 Barcelona
Our favourite starting point is listening. When people feel heard, they are more open to share their ideas. Our design and consulting practice is inviting, pragmatic and helpful.
We uncover genuine insights by listening, observing, facilitating and asking open-ended questions. We give people influence and provide exploratory and specific analysis based on their reality.
Real life insights from executives, employees, customers, politicians, citizens and stakeholders are valuable in our process of co-creating the future of an organisation.





Creating an environment where opinion sharing is encouraged will strengthen collaboration. Through open and honest dialogue, we uncover valuable insights and committed suggestions to improve your company.



Strengthen the basis for decision-making by incorporating the people matters in confidence and actual meaning. Through creative, tangible and iterative methods, we bring people together and tailor-make solutions to fit your company.



People assume leadership and shape a resilient organisation when they matter for your company.