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Kolding Hotel Apartments


Kolding Hotel Apartments came to us, because they needed a better competitive edge to strengthen their market position. Flying October led Kolding Hotel Apartment through an intensive developmental process. Today, the apartment hotel has a guiding star, an strong strategic position, deep insight into their customers' needs and values, and a sharply differentiated, international and contemporary brand. Using the apartment hotel's new strategic foundation as a springboard, Flying October has since developed and implemented a distinctive brand identity and tailor-made the brand experience and communication on all the physical, digital and printed platforms.


Kolding Hotel Apartments' new strategic vision and tagline – Stay surprised – is the launch pad for all the products, services and experiences the guests encounter during their stay in Kolding. In the apartments, the guests can study The Map of Surprises, which leads them to the places where people who live in Kolding prefer to hang out – not only the famous historical sites but also their secret hideaways. Kolding Hotel Apartments' dynamic logo is a simplification of a kaleidoscope, which is intended to inspire people to stop up and absorb the magic of the moment.


Flying October has worked with Kolding Hotel Apartments since 2012. Kolding Hotel Apartments' 360-degree re-design gave the apartment hotel a stronger brand identity and attracted positive media attention. The apartment hotel is said to be a modern example of holistic, customer-centric design.





Brand innovation, -strategy and -leadership, brand identity, name, tagline, interior design, product design, digital design, printed media, signage, wayfinding, campaign, event and strategic communication. 



Blixen Tours


Blixen Tours teamed up with Flying October because they knew the needed to differentiate themselves in an ocean of travel bureaux. Blixen Tours are passionate about what they do, which is to tailor exotic holidays down to the smallest detail. To communicate the travel bureau’s strengths and value in the market, Flying October designed a distinctive, unique typeface and a strong visual identity for Blixen Tours.


Flying October entered into the partnership with Blixen Tours in 2011. Since then, among other services, Flying October has developed a corporate website, a 300-page travel book and an advertising campaign in the Danish financial daily, Børsen.





Brand strategy, brand identity, typeface design, corporate website, editorial design, printed media, strategic communication, advertising campaign, copywriting.



Inspiring Denmark


Inspiring Denmark needed to strengthen their corporate communication. We collected insights from users and Inspiring Denmark's employees, and developed communication guidelines, which align and target the message Inspiring Denmark seeks to spread. The guidelines are an effective tool, helping the employees to communicate Inspiring Denmark's purpose, competencies and services in a clear and relevant way. Based on the guidelines, Flying October created a new corporate website, tagline and mission statement.


Inspiring Denmark is a non-profit-making skills and information centre which promotes business tourism and the growth of knowledge in the Region of Southern Denmark. 





The Golden Circle, tagline, mission statement, communication guide, corporate website, copywriting.



Ringkøbing Fjord Tourist Organization


In recent years, the Ringkøbing Fjord Tourist Organization has undergone a comprehensive and determined process of change. The association needed to create consensus among its partners and members, to establish clear direction and values and to plant strong roots for future innovation and co-creation processes. Based on qualitative research and participatory design, Flying October developed a range of strategic tools to form Ringkøbing Fjord Tourist Organization’s development strategy. The strategy includes the vision, mission, statement of strengths and values, a list of strategic focus areas and a brand development process as well as inspirational and trend material.


Flying October has worked with Ringkøbing Fjord Tourist Organization since 2012. We have developed a whole palette of solutions for the association, including brand identity, a design manual, strategic communication, digital design and printed media.





Development strategy, vision, mission, statement of strengths and values, brand development, tagline, brand identity, design manual, strategic communication guidelines, digital design, printed media, signage.





Ozon produces affordable high quality sportswear. For some years the company had developed an increasingly wide range of products with the vision “Sport for All”. Rapid success meant that Ozon needed to organise the brand into sub-lines and create a confident and outstanding identity while maintaining a consistent storyline. This was the start of Ozon’s partnership with Flying October. Flying October advised on and devised a brand strategy, and developed the Ozon brand identity. Today Ozon is a consistent, relevant and democratic brand, whose products are key elements in the wardrobes of active people across Europe.


Flying October has worked with Ozon since 2010.





Brand strategy, brand identity, retail design, corporate website, printed media, hang tags, packaging and POS.



Kolding Substance Abuse Organization



The goal of the abuse organization in Kolding Municipality is to develop drug abuse therapy with focus squarely on the client. Kolding Municipality contacted Flying October to enlist their help to involve clients and employees in making therapy more successful and creating better cohesion between the healthcare and social elements in therapy programmes.



As the drug abuse user group is diverse, Flying October sought to achieve a deeper understanding of what life is really like for the client. In a process designed to encourage active participation, which comprised interviews with relatives and professional players involved with clients, discussions in client groups and workshops attended by employees in the abuse organization, we gained insight into the dimensions of therapy, clients' needs and how clients see therapy programmes.



With new and valuable insight at our disposal, Flying October developed a holistic solution, comprised of a series of initiatives, spaces of opportunity and tools. Our holistic solution functions as both the strategic basis and a source of inspiration for future development of abuse therapy programmes in Kolding Municipality.


The "Mangfoldigheden" (Diversity) tool is used not only to plan therapy programmes, but also in interviews with the client. Clients are enthusiastic about the tool, which creates an overview and makes them feel that they are welcome and respected. Employees value the tool as an aid to writing case records more efficiently. They use the tool to structure dialogues and encourage resourceful clients to help themselves.


Together, this project and Flying October's unique approach and competences within user-driven innovation and design thinking have fostered several new service and welfare design projects and attracted interest from scientific institutions.





Design thinking, anthropology,
user-driven innovation, service strategy, concept development, prototyping, welfare design, service design.



"I'm very keen on the 'Mangfoldigheden' tool because it gives the client an overview of his or her therapy programme. It provides a clear picture of things that are simple and focuses on the things that require special attention. The tool also saves time when I type up case records." Ina, employee in the abuse organisation


"It's a great way to learn – You learn about us and we learn about ourselves." Client


”The road to recovery from abuse is complex. If your head is already in a mess, a therapy programme may often be difficult to follow. 'Mangfoldigheden' helps the client to handle his or her programme." Janni, employee in the abuse organisation


"It makes daily life more tangible, so that things don't get jumbled." Client


"Mangfoldigheden" meets the client's needs, and the client sees the tool as something positive because: It is a good way to discuss things that are difficult to talk about. The headlines help the client to talk about things that are important. The structure makes things clear – even if you are cognitively handicapped, for example. "Mangfoldigheden" can be included in the therapy programme." Maria, employee in the abuse organisation

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