Flying October Denmark (HQ)
Dalbygade 40 B
6000 Kolding
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Flying October Spain
Pellaires 30-38
08019 Barcelona
Utilizamos el diseño como una herramienta estratégica para fomentar la innovación empresarial y la excelencia de marca, al tiempo que reforzamos la relevancia y la importancia entre nuestros clientes y sus usuarios.
Nuestro enfoque está orientado al problema, es abductivo y está basado en el diseño. Transformamos las situaciones complejas y retos empresariales en una visión más grande, potenciando el liderazgo, el diseño estratégico y la ejecución exitosa.
Desde el inicio en 2008, hemos aplicado nuestro modelo de trabajo The Flying Wheel ™ en más de 100 proyectos con nuestros clientes. Utilizamos el modelo para asegurar un progreso iterativo, comprometido y coordinado, que resulte en soluciones sostenibles y eficientes.



Strategic Research

and Planning


Great leadership requires a meaningful purpose, strategic vision, clear direction, strong value proposition and an executable strategy. We tailor the process and the strategic tools you need to develop your business and engage people – inside your company and out.

Visuel Identity for Brands, Corporations and Products


Strong brands succeed because they care for  human needs and deliver accordingly in a variety of contexts. By using a human-centered approach, we shape and redesign business models, identify market and customer opportunities, and refine products and services.

Concept Development


Innovation is to solve problems and realise possibilities. Innovation is doing things differently and fulfilling your customers unarticulated needs. We devise processes, which generate new ideas and convert products and services into meaningful business concepts. 

Corporate Identity Design


At its best, a corporate identity is authentic and consistent. It expresses your purpose and inspires people to walk with you. We design holistic and intelligent corporate identities and implement them on all your online and offline platforms – from your space and your website, to your products and your people. 




Bold communication works human to human and touches both heart and mind. It makes choices simple and easy. We create inside-out communication that encourages people to take action – and we create messages they will adore. 

Inventing interactive design pieces and brand experience


Some events, places and topics deserve special attention. We create astonishing effects by telling stories in extraordinary ways. We mix art and design to develop works, installations, concepts and experiences, which communicate our clients’ vision and purpose. Our solutions create value in the community and are often interactive. The shape and message of our solutions inspire people, have strong emotional appeal and create positive awareness.